MyniNotes – Avoid extra costs because of data roaming

Do you recall not remembering what you have been doing all day?

Or would you like to share your holiday moments with your friends and not with the burglars?

The MyniNotes App is what you seek.

With MyniNotes, you can quickly make a note. The time and location will automatically be attached.

No Internet Access
MyniNotes is designed to be able to work without the internet. This allows you to create and save a note without internet access. This is especially useful if you are on vacation abroud: no additional costs for data roaming.

You can also MyniNotes as a diary. Your MyniNotes can be divided into different chapters. And by swipe, you can easily browse through your notes.

What is the use of notes if you can not easily find and search them. With MyniNotes can you search your notes in different ways. Your MyniNotes becomes a knowledge base.

Tilt your iPhone to get a wider keyboard so you can make notes quickly and easily.

MyniNotes is made especially for holidays abroad. You do not want extra costs incurred by data roaming. You also want to prevent the bad guys know that you’re not at home. MyniNotes can easily work without an internet connection. Wherever you are you can always quickly make a note with MyniNotes.You can decide if you want to share these notes by email, Facebook or Twitter. This you can do when you return to your hotel room with WiFi access. You can also just wait until you get home.

MyniNotes you can easily share via email. The email contains a link to a map and where the location can be viewed by the street viewer. This information can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

With MyniNotes you can also see the map on your iPhone. If you are on holiday abroad you should wait until you are connected to the Internet via WiFi. This avoids extra data roaming charges. The address will be automatically added to your notes.

MyniNotes … your app to make life easier.

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