Your smart buddy for traveling!

RitMeister is a smart app for tracking your mileage.

It works like a stopwatch. It is self-learning, and will becoming smarter. All you have to do is press stop when you arive at your destination.
If you want to track time you just press start when you start your roadtrip.

When you arive at your destination RitMeister will automaticly look up the address of that location. Of course you can also modify the address.

RitMeister works without a subscription and without a server. All your information is stored on your iPhone itself. No sensitive information is sent to the Internet.
You also don’t need an internet connection to able to work with the RitMeister.
With the backup of iTunes, you can secure this data.

On the dashboard of the RitMeister you can see at once how many miles you have driven business and private.

You can teach the RitMeister what kind of trip you will make. After that you only have to press on stop log a trip.

Your administration can easily export to Excel via the mail.

RitMeister … Your smart buddy for traveling!