Do you like TV shows?

What can be more fun then to watch all the episodes at once ? There is no need to stop at the cliffhangers …

With the iTvSeries App it is easy to keep track on all the TV shows and episodes you have to see.

iTvSeries helps you to:
- search for TV shows in online TV database of
- create your own lists
- see when an episode is aired
- keep track of a watchlist
- to share your passion for TV shows
- post your favorite TV shows on Facebook
- send a tweet about your TV shows to Twitter

* How does it work?
Use the iTvSeries App to search for a TV show in the online
This database contains over 31,000 different series and 880,000 episodes.

Use one touch to add the result in your to your list. The plotinfo for all seasons and episodes are at your disposal.
For each episode you can indicate whether you have seen it.

* Integration with Twitter and Facebook
Each episode, you can easily share with your friends through social media.

A tweet on Twitter is extended with a link to the TV show in the online database of

Use the iTvSeries App to post info about the cast and the plot of the episode on your Facebook wall.

iTvSeries … it’s a must have for fans of TV shows.