Searching in newsgroups has never been so easy

With our NZB App you can search anywhere and whenever you want on your iPhone in Usenet.

With one touch you can save the results  as bookmarks. You can also mail the it to your friends or yourself. When you are connected to your Media Center, you can put your movie right there .

Just do it all from your iPhone.

Use your iPhone to update your SABnzbd
Are you using SABnzbd ? … Good news !

SABnzbd is an Open Source Binary Newsreader. It’s totally free, incredibly easy to use, and works practically everywhere.

In the next update of our NZB app it will be possible to send a NZB from your iPhone to SABnzbd.

What’s next – Update NZB

Searching for movies while you are waiting at the carwash

Waiting in the car wash … plenty of time to find a movie …

Convenient, right? … Just use the NZB App on your iPhone …

  • Search
  • Save a bookmark
  • Mail
  • And when you come home is everything in your inbox

Wasstraat Tandarts

File Bella Beer

There are so many lost moments where you want to spent it usefully.

You might use the NZB App on your iPhone to search for movies.

  • Lining up for the car wash
  • In the waiting room at the dentist
  • While waiting at the shop
  • In the schoolyard while you are waiting for your kids
  • While waiting for your order at the Mac Donalds

Why should you use a mailbox ?

Maybe you recognize it … you search on your PC for NZB’s and when you find one you first save it to disk.

The stored NZB’s often have an unrecognizable name. Moreover, you may have forgotten if you already have processed them.
Why do not you just use your mailbox to save everything.

From the App NZB you can send everything with a clear description to your mailbox. And from your mailbox, you can arrange everything.
The subject of your email starts with NZB. This allows you set up some rules in Outlook so easily.

It is even easier to get a free Gmail account to track all your NZB’s.


And of course you can also mail the NZB to a friend.