MovieList – your todo list for movies

Movie List is a smart combination of a TODO list and IMDB.

Can you imagine you are watching a trailer for a new movie, … You can not wait … if only you could make a quick note somewhere.

Some time later you get to the cinema, the video store or you are looking for a present for someone … if only you had that list.

This App allows you to manage 4 list. You can directly search in a movie database, watch trailers, etc.:

  • My films
  • Wish List
  • History
  • Miscelanious


2 Responses to MovieList – your todo list for movies

  1. Jan Wich says:

    Can data be exported to, for exemple) a text editor format, or a database format?

    • nico says:

      Hello mr Winch,

      Thank you for your suggestion. We will adapt it in our future release.

      Best regards,

      Nico Jansen